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Institution Profile

Professor Richard Dazeley

Deakin University

Richard Dazeley is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Deakin University (Geelong), Leader of the Machine Intelligence Lab and the Deputy Head of School. He is a leading researcher in the Human-alignment of autonomous agents through Safe, Ethical, Explainable and Interactive methods utilising Multiobjective Reinforcement Learning (MORL) and is a senior member of the AI existential Safety Community.

He has been an invited speaker at Monash University’s Advanced Seminar on Agents and Decision-Making, the Workshop on Human-aligned Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Agents and Robots. He has also been a guest editor for Multi-Objective Decision Making (MODeM 2017, 2021) and on the special issue on Human-aligned Reinforcement Learning in Neural Computing and Applications. He was a member of the IEEE P7001 Transparency of Autonomous Systems working group and has organised and served on numerous program committees for many leading conferences.