Australian Responsible Autonomous Agents Collective

Institution Profile

Dr Sunil Aryal

Deakin University

Dr Sunil Aryal is a Senior Lecturer in IT at the School of Information Technology, Deakin University Australia. Prior to joining Deakin University in 2019, he worked as a lecturer at Federation University Australia and in industry as a data engineer and software developer for several years. He received his PhD from Monash University, Australia. His research is in the areas of Data Mining (DM), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly in applying ML/AI concepts to solve real-world problems in application domains like defence, cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture. He works in a wide range of areas in ML/AI from similarity measures, anomaly detection, classification, clustering, text/image analysis, ensemble learning, learning from small subsamples of data, and robust/explainable machine learning to autonomous systems. He has published more than 45 scientific papers in top tier conferences and journals in the field of DM/ML and have been a named investigator on research grants and contracts of over two millions. His research is supported by US Defence (AFOSR and ONR Global), Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group Australia, and Office of National Intelligence (ONI) Australia.